Thursday, October 11, 2012

Only Me

You think that I would be used to the fact that my life is one continuous string of awkward moments. Well, I'm not.

Today started off like any other day. I woke up at four fifty (I know...EARLY) so I could catch the bus by six. I put some hairspray in my hair, a little blush on my face and then I was off. After an hour of sitting on my  lovely (heavy on the sarcasm) bus, I have to transfer to another bus so I can get to my school.

Here's where the fun begins...

I was walking up the stairs of the bus minding my own business when all of a sudden I fell. Straight down. In front of everyone. I didn't even trip; I just...fell over. Thank goodness my laptop survived the trip!

This resulted in a few wonderful scratches on my hand which immediately started to bleed. Thankfully, I had a giraffe print bandage at the bottom of my book bag. Stylish, I know.

To top off this wonderful day, my bus broke down. I saw this coming, though. I am actually surprised it didn't happen earlier. My bus driver handled it well...not. We were stuck for an hour.

This is the same lady that...

A. Lets kids get off the bus randomly during the route to pee. One kid even went so far as to take a leak in the bushes on the side of the road; however, this turned out to be someone's backyard. We didn't know until he got back, but the owner of the house told the kid that he could use the actual bathroom in his house. Can't my bus driver get fired for that? It's creepy...

B. Has assigned seats. Really? It's insulting. When I got on the bus this afternoon, I saw that someone had written "Ha Ha" under my name tag on my assigned seat. I guess my last name is funny to the common folk. The dude that sits behind me informed me that the comment has been there for a few weeks. Shows you how observant I am...

C. Pulls over to the side of the road many times during each trip to "lecture" us about the volume of our iPods or letting someone else use your phone. I'm serious. That actually happened. Last month she pulled over in a neighborhood and kept us trapped in that hot, smelly bus for twenty minutes while she was arguing with a freshman about letting a girl use his phone to make a call. It's a ridiculous vehicle, people and all.

I have so many bus issues.


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