Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lilytorial #2

I know this is late...But surprise!

Today, a lot of things happened. Most of them were good things...great things! I had the day off from school so I spent the day with my mom. I love spontaneous adventures! We went shopping, got some lunch, and just drove.

But she is all mine. You can't have her...

It had never really happened to me before, but I guess it was bound to eventually. Brace yourself...I got a bad haircut today. Shoot me now...

I knew something was going to end up drastically wrong when my *new* hairstylist kept saying things like "oops" and "that doesn't look right" and "that is not even at all". She completely ruined my side bangs. Which is an even worse fate when you have naturally curly hair.

I suppose this Lilytorial is a review of the lovely establishment where I got my hair butchered cut. I will spare you the name, because honestly I don't want to deal with people's comments.

First of all, why do cheap hair salons always have a horrible smell? It is a distinct chemical smell that most of these places possess. Weird...

I blame *company name here* for this brutal slaughter. The lady who cut my hair was not young and fresh out of beauty school. Don't companies check and make sure their employee knows what they are doing before they hire them? If they don't, they should. Personally, I don't think this job is one that should be taken lightly. People's hair can be a prized possession. Anybody working with hair or other important bodily stuffs should one hundred percent know what they are doing. It is not fair to the customer! I am paying them to do a good job. I am trusting one of my prized possessions to them. Know how to do your job right! I don;t think this is too much to ask.

I stayed up late tonight to try and figure out a good hairstyle to accommodate my mane. Talk about desperate...After that I decided I am just going to suck it up and take it like a woman!

It'll grow back out...eventually.


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