Friday, October 12, 2012

Lilytorial #3

Today is Friday, people! You know what that means..

Lilytorial #3: Public Speaking

If I could pick one thing in this world that I just despised, it would be speaking in public.

It is not the actual speaking that gets me. It is the microphone. I hate them. Actually, hate is too light of a word.  They scare the living crap out of me (excuse my language). I hate the way they make me sound. I hate the way they project my voice. And I hate the way they smell. You are probably judging me right now. Stop it!

I guess I shouldn't say that I hate microphones. I mean, they are only doing their job. I suppose I hate the job that they have. I think that I am already loud enough without having to use technology to send my voice across spacious areas. I am scared just typing all of this. I feel like I am telling you guys a big secret or something..

The truth is that my youth pastor approached me earlier this week and wants me to speak at an event at our church tonight. HELP ME. I know I can do it and that it won't be nearly as bad as I am making it out to be. I am just psyching myself out. It's only a hundred or so people...

I am expecting something to happen though. Something incredibly awkward.

Cause that is just how my life is.



  1. You'll do great! Saying a prayer for you right now

    1. Thank you so much :) It went amazingly!