Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Love

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was in a great mood. Why you ask? Because it was finally February!

Every year I welcome February with open arms. It is my absolute favorite month for many reasons.

1. Valentine's Day. Do I have to say much else? I LOVE love. Hearts, pink, and everything that has to do with it makes me so happy! I also enjoy giving out valentines, whether they be homemade or store bought. Since I am a very crafty individual, I like to see my friends expressions when I give them a personalized valentine. I never really got over my obsession with classroom valentines from elementary school either. Last night I bought a box of Star Wars valentines and now I am twice as excited! P.S. Star Wars is the best film series ever created. Ever.

2. My birthday. Who doesn't like their birthday? Plus this year isn't just any birthday; it is my SIXTEENTH birthday! These past two birthdays were epic. Last year was my "Golden" Birthday because I turned fifteen on the fifteenth. And of course your sixteenth birthday is a huge one!

During the whole month of February, I am constantly happy and in a fantastic mood. No one can mess with my month!
Best valentines ever.